Whether you’re inspired to decrease your energy consumption in order to become more eco-friendly or you’re interested in spending less money on your energy bills each money, continue reading to discover a handy guide on how to save energy.

How to Save Energy:

Thaw out frozen food ahead of time:

Instead of using your microwave to thaw out frozen food such as meat or vegetables, simply thaw out your frozen food by placing it in an empty sink ahead of time.

In winter leave your oven door open after you’ve finished using it to warm up your home:

Once you’ve finished using your oven in winter, it’s well worth leaving your oven door open for half an hour so that any residual heat will escape and help heat up your home. Especially if you live in a small home as you’ll be surprised at how effectively you’ll be able to heat your dining room, kitchen and lounge using residual heat from your oven. In many cases you may be able to avoid using a heater on a cold evening by using this handy power saving tip.

Wear multiple layers in winter instead of wearing an oversized sweater:

As an example, you’ll feel far warmer wearing a layered turtle neck and a medium weight sweater, instead of wearing an oversized sweater over a t-shirt.

When you can opt for short showers over baths:

Try to limit your use of baths and to opt for short showers on a daily basis. As it takes a lot of energy in order to heat a bath tub full of hot water.

Close your curtains or blinds just before the sun goes down:

If you keep your blinds and curtains open all day in order to let natural sunlight flood into your home, which will warm your home, make sure to close your curtains or blinds just before sunset. To ensure that your trap any warmth inside your home in your home.

Use semi gloss paint or satin paint in order to repaint your home’s interior walls:

Semi gloss paint and satin paint reflects light better so that you’ll be able to use lower watt bulbs. Which will consume less power than traditional light bulbs.

Consider getting your fridge’s seals replaced:

If you have an older fridge it’s a great idea to consider getting your fridge’s seals replaced in order to ensure that your fridge remains air tight. As fridges which aren’t air tight have to consume more energy to try and keep their temperature regulated. Alternatively, if you’re looking to purchase a brand new fridge, make sure to opt for an energy efficient option that will decrease your monthly power bill.

Use cold water to wash your clothes:

80% of the time, you can’t get away with using cold water to wash your clothes. As the majority of the time cold water washes will be just as effective as hot water cycles.

So no matter whether you’re looking to decrease your power usage in order to reduce your power bill or to decrease your carbon footprint, hopefully you’ve found a few new power saving tips to try out.

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