If you’re looking for an effective technique which will help you reach your short term and long term goals, it’s well worth continuing reading to discover how to use a Smart Action Plan to achieve your goals.

Smart Action Plan (definition and how-to)

What is a Smart Action Plan?

A Smart Action Plan is simply a tool which was specifically designed by psychologists in order to help individuals reach their targeted goals within a set time period. If you frequently find yourself falling behind track when it comes to taking steps towards achieving your goals, you should find that using a Smart Action Plan will help you turn your dreams into a reality.

The word smart is an acronym:

You may have guessed that the word smart in relation to the term Smart Action Plan is an acornomym. Which has been specially designed to help you remember each step of the Smart Action Plan. S stands for specific and reminds you to ensure that your goals are well defined. M stands for measurable and calls for you to use dates, times and numbers to define the goals which you set yourself. As an example, instead of setting yourself a goal of launching a business, you may decide that you want to launch your subscription service business by the 20th of May and plan to earn a profit of $100,000 within 12 months of your business’ operations.

Continuing on A stands for agreed and reminds you to talk to the individuals who may be responsible for completing specific tasks for you to agree to the specifications of your negotiation. Using the subscription box example above, it’s important to clearly communicate with your suppliers to agree on the date by which they will provide you with the products which you have ordered.

Next R stands for realistic and is a friendly reminder to ensure that your goals are obtainable. As if you set goals which are unrealistic and you fail to reach your first milestones you may through in the towel altogether and may give u on achieving the main long term goal which you have set yourself.

Lastly T stands for time bound and encourages you to give estimated time dates for each small goal which you need to tick off in order to eventually achieve your long term goal. As if you simply list tasks which you have to complete, you may not be motivated to complete each task in a timely manner.

Useful tips on following the Smart Action Plan model:

Put pen to paper:

While you may be tempted to go through each point of the Smart Action Plan in your head, it’s important to actually put pen to paper and to physically write down your answers to each step of the Smart Action Plan. So that you’ll clearly define each step and will be able to look back at your plan, throughout your journey to reach your goal.

Try to be as specific as possible:

Also make sure that all of your answers are as specific as possible.

So if you’re determined to stop procrastinating and to actually start achieving all of your life long goals, its definitely well worth getting into the habit of using the Smart Action Plan.

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