If you find it hard to achieve the important goals which you set for yourself, it’s well worth learning how to use a smart action plan in order to proactively work towards achieving your short term and long term goals. To discover what a smart action plan is and a simple to understand step by step guide to using a smart action plan, simply continue reading.

What is a smart action plan?

A smart action plan is an organization tool which has been designed by leading psychologists in order to help individuals reach their goals in a timely manner. So if you struggle with accountability, focus and direction, when it comes time to goal set or to work towards your goals it’s well worth experimenting with using a smart action plan to keep yourself focused and motivated.

A step by step guide to following a smart action plan:

There are five steps in a smart action plan. Each of which correspond to a different letter in the acronym smart. Which should make it easy to remember each step of the system.

Be specific:

The first step in the smart action plan is to be specific in defining your desired outcome. As an example, instead of writing down that you wish to purchase a new car, write down the brand, model and year of the car which you’d like to purchase.

Make sure that your goals are measurable:

Your next step should be to make sure that your goal is measure. It’s a great idea to set due dates for your goals and to use specific numbers to clarify your goals. As an example, if your goal is for your fledgling business to make a profit, define the exact sum which you’d like to earn in profit by your goal’s due date.

Ensure that the individuals whose help you require have agreed to take on their role:

As an example, if your goal is to complete a marathon and you plan on hiring a running coach, make sure to have a discussion with them to see if they agree to your terms and are able to train you for your upcoming marathon. As it’s important to ensure that the individuals whose help you require to meet your goal are on the same page as you.

Always set realistic goals:

While it’s great to dream big, the psychologists behind the smart action plan recommend that you’re realistic when it comes to setting your goals.

Set time goals for each step of your plan:

Not only should you have a time goal for your overall goal but you should assign time goals for all of the key tasks which you’ll need to complete to reach your goal. As setting time goals for smaller tasks will help you keep on track to meet your goal and will keep you accountable when it comes to taking small steps towards reaching your desired goal.

So if you’d love to be able to reach your goals in a shorter time period and are looking for a tool which you’ll be able to use time and time again, it’s well worth using the smart action plan to reach your goals.

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