2. Positive Local Money and Resource Flows

Plugging the Leaks Images

We use a lot of images in the PTL handbook, and you may want to use them for your own presentations. You can download the images below and print them out for your workshop.

Illustrations are by Rory Seaford of The Creative Element.

The Leaky Bucket

The Leaky Bucket 1     The Leaky Bucket 2     The Leaky Bucket 3

The Leaky Bucket - Spanish

Balde Hacia Adentro     Balde Con Agujeros    


Irrigation 1       Irrigation 2       Irrigation 3

Irrigation - Spanish


Funnels and Umbrellas

Funnels       Umbrellas

Funnels and Umbrellas - Spanish

Embudo Campo       Paraguas Campo       Embudo Ciudad       Paragua Ciudad

Bathtubs, Vacuums and Dustbins

Bathtubs       Vacuums       Dustbins


Plugs 1       Plugs 2



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