2. Positive Local Money and Resource Flows

Plugging the Leaks

Making the most of every pound that enters your local economy.

Plugging the Leaks is a workshop-based tool that uses simple visual images that facilitate the discussion and identification of action to increase the circulation of money in a local economy. The workshop specifically addresses:

  • How money enters a particular local economy.
  • How money is currently leaking out of that local economy.
  • Identification of action to plug some of those leaks.

The Workshop Explained

  Plugging the Leaks Handbook (PDF 1480kb)
  Plugging the Leaks Handbook - Spanish (PDF 954KB)
  Plugging the Leaks Handbook - Hebrew (DOC 352KB)

  Plugging the Leaks Overview (PPT 880kb)
  Plugging the Leaks Overview - Spanish (PDF 686kb)
  Plugging the Leaks Overview - Hebrew (PPT 2621KB)
A step-by-step guide on the workshop, including the pre-event preparation, and theory on the local economy.

  Plugging the Leaks Workshop Presentation (PPT 581kb)
  Plugging the Leaks Workshop Presentation - Spanish (PPT 4959kb)
  Plugging the Leaks Workshop Presentation - Hebrew (PPT 2621KB)
A powerpoint presentation and a couple of articles that describe the concept of the leaky bucket in simple terms, stating what people can do to make a difference today.

  Plugging the Leaks Workshop Facilitator Notes - Spanish (DOC 686kb)

Plugging the Leaks Images

We use a lot of images in the Plugging the Leaks handbook, and you may want to use them for your own presentations. You can download the images below and print them out for your workshop.

  Voting with Dots (DOC 121kb)
You would use this tool to select ideas/projects to take forward and it is particularly good after an idea generation session. It works by voting with dots to identify priority actions for the group.

  Full Plugs (DOC 144kb)
Use this plugging the leaks prioritisation tool to identify which of a series of ideas generated is will have an economic impact and which need further development to plug an economic leak in the area.

Sharing Information About the Workshop

  Plugging the Leaks Sample Newsletter (DOC 1820kb)

  Plugging the Leaks Sample Newsletter including Multiplier (DOC 1703kb)

Collecting Data

Tips on Surveying
It would take too much time and money to survey everybody who has money to spend in your community. The trick is to design your survey so that you capture enough information to make it meaningful, while still making it a manageable and enjoyable experience.

  Surveys Form(XLS 151kb)

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