2. Positive Local Money and Resource Flows

The tools in this section have been used to support understanding of how money flows into a local economy, and what is spent on goods and services sourced from outside of the local economy. Not all goods and services should be sourced locally. However these tools support an exploration of the local impact of sourcing decisions on money flows, and the use of other resources.

Defining Boundaries

  Defining Local (DOC 123kb)
  Defining Local - Portuguese (DOC 221kb)
  Defining Local - Spanish (DOC 126kb)
This exercise is designed to help establish a clear and flexible understanding of the term local.

Positive Money Flows

Plugging the Leaks workshop

Making the most of every pound that enters your local economy. Plugging the Leaks is a practical workshop-based tool that uses simple visual images that facilitate the discussion and identification of action to increase the circulation of money in a local economy.


A tool to measure the impact of an organisation (public, private or third sector) on the local economy through how their spend their resources and how these are in-turn re-spent in the local economy.

  Multiplier Coin Demonstration (DOC 120kb)
  Multiplier Coin Demonstration - Spanish (DOC 125kb)
  Multiplier Coin Demonstration - Portuguese (DOC 226kb)
Quick little game which helps people to understand the concept of the multiplier, and it's impact on money flows in a local economy.

  Spending Circles (DOC 107kb)
A quick visual tools for outreach sessions such as events or conferences. Allows a light practical discussion about people's personal spending habits, and what would have to change for them to spend more locally.

  Local Money Flows Bathtubs Hoovers and Dustbins (DOC 139kb)
Analogies for spotting the strengths and shortcomings in enterprises.

  Plugging the Leaks Exercise - Spanish (DOC 113kb)

Resource Flows

Our Sustainable Neighbourhood

Our Sustainable Neighbourhood is a practical, action-planning tool which explores the flows of resources into and out of a community - particularly energy, water and consumer products - and identifies enterprising ways to reduce, reuse, recycle and substitute those resources.

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