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6. Environmental Sustainability

Our Sustainable Neighbourhood

Our Sustainable Neighbourhood is a practical, action-planning tool which explores the flows of resources into and out of a community - particularly energy, water and consumer products - and identifies enterprising ways to reduce, reuse, recycle and substitute those resources.

We would like to thank the following communities who were part of piloting this tool: Brighton & Hove, Chagford, Cotmanhey, Hebden Bridge, Radford & Hyson Green (Nottingham), Leicester Northwest, Moseley (Birmingham) and Purton.

Workshop process

  Our Sustainable Neighbourhoods Overview (DOC 1633kb)

  OSN Facilitator Notes and Agenda (DOC 132kb)

  OSN 10 min Version (PPT 3861kb)

  Killer Fact Cards (DOC 97kb)

  Killer Fact Sources (DOC 67kb)

Workshop images

  A3 Poster (PDF 349kb)

  Sustainable Community (PDF 616kb)

  Global (PDF 218kb)

  Inflows (PDF 97kb)

  Water (PDF 257kb)

  Water Waste (PDF 249kb)

  Energy (PDF 230kb)

  Energy Waste (PDF 258kb)

  Consumer Goods (PDF 302kb)

  Consumer Waste (PDF 260kb)

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