6. Environmental Sustainability

Supporting positive social and economic change with ecological responsibility.

  • Our Sustainable Neighbourhoods

  • Our Sustainable Neighbourhood is a practical, action-planning tool which explores the flows of resources into and out of a community - particularly energy, water and consumer products - and identifies enterprising ways to reduce, reuse, recycle and substitute those resources.

  Conversations about Environmental and Social Impacts (DOC 168kb)
This tool should be read/used in conjunction with the balanced scorecard, TGROW and the business plan template. The aim is to raise awareness, start people thinking about possibilities they may not have considered before for a triple bottom line impact.

  Critical Thinking for Sustainable Community Decisions (DOC 147kb)
This is a community leadership tool which supports informed decision making. It can be used to identify the best of several alternative actions. It can also be used to decide for or against a proposed action or to generate creative changes to a proposed action that make it more compatible with the community, its economy, and the environment.

  Balanced Scorecard for a Triple Bottom Line (DOC 29kb)
  Balanced Scorecard for Triple Bottom Line - Portuguese(DOC 140kb)
A practical planning format for establishing local economic, social and environmental targets for a business, in additional to financial targets. This can be used as part of a business planning process and as a key insert into a business plan for enterprises.

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